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Welcome to the server.

End of semester account deletions.

If you are a current SRJC student, you're eligible for an account on Student. Student offers many Internet services, including access to Internet e-mail, remote login (ssh), file transfer (scp, sftp), Usenet news groups, and the text-based (i.e. no graphics) World Wide Web browser, Lynx. Student does not support dial-in, telnet, or ftp access. You must use an encrypted access method such as SSL or SSH.

NOTE that there is little in-person help available for Student users. You will be expected to learn how to use Student on your own, but you may find some help online.

Please read all of the following documents BEFORE you apply for an account on Student. In order to get a Student account, you MUST read and abide by the procedures outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Important! If you have forgotten your password and cannot recover it, Resubmit the Application for Student Account. Your password will be reset and then displayed onscreen after you resubmit your application.

Setting Up

Using the Student server

Questions or comments about Student should be directed to your instructor, the computer lab staff or :