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ALS Guardian Angels

Stuart Millheiser had never met a person with ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, until 2007 until he met 14-year old, Ashley whose father had ALS. The family was in a precarious financial situation, and Stuart offered financial help. Learning that there were thousands of families in the same situation or worse, he formed the ALS Guardian Angels Foundation.als guardian angels logo

The desperate pleas for help never end. Single mothers are losing their children because they can no longer care for them. Others with the disease live in isolation. As their ability to care for themselves slips away, unbearable depression may set in. Exhausted caregivers needing respite may be on the verge of breaking down physically and mentally. He has seen it all first hand.

The ALS Guardian Angels Foundation's operating philosophy is simple. Every dollar you donate is spent helping ALS patients, family members, and caregivers. No one draws a salary. All expense, from office rent to paper clips, are covered out of pocket.

How can you help?

A cure is not on the horizon. Someone has to help. Who will it be if not us? Please consider an equipment or monetary donation or volunteer and become an angel yourself.