Culinary Arts Client Testing
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Platform Responses

Culinary Site Demo:

Susan Bagby Mathews (SBM)
Shook Chu Chung (SCC)
Stephanie Thompson (ST)
Linda Hemenway (LH)

Questions with individual responses:

1 - What is your impression of the opening screen?
SBM: Warm, clean, feeling of Tuscany, inviting, clear SRJC identification, yet uniquely the "Culinary Arts" presentation, which brings the site important strength because of this alignment with the college while the site is a bold expression of its wonderfully unique instructional offerings like no other!
SCC: Simple and nice
ST: Clean, easy to read, great photo
LH: Warm welcoming, professional, cooking on a professional level

2 - What is your overall impression of the look and feel of the site?
SBM: A welcoming, professional, interesting, aesthetic, site that is easy to explore and navigate, inviting
SCC: (no response)
ST: Warm, inviting, reflective of the hospitality industry, easy to navigate
LH:  Attractive, cohesive, easy to use, interesting

3 - Where did you first click?
SBM: Certificates
SCC: Cafe & Bakery
ST: Certificates
LH: Certificates

4 - What is the site about?
SBM: The overall site is about the various offerings of the Culinary Arts Center at SRJC. The "Certificates" pages, however, clarify what instructional offerings and outcomes of the Culinary certificate options.
SCC: Culinary Arts. (I really think the heading should say Culinary Arts instead of Cafe.)
ST: SRJC Culinary Arts program, including the Café and Bakery
LH: A culinary training program at SRJC

5 - What would you expect to find here?
SBM: I would expect much of what has been presented, i.e., the helpful overview of SRJC's culinary certificate program's offerings, with perhaps a little more as to why it's such an excellent field to pursue, plus highlights of its unique aspects that should be especially appealing to prospective students that encourage them to enroll in the Culinary program, plus interesting photos of students and instructors learning and enjoying learning the trade. I would expect to readily find guidelines to help me readily apply as well as contact information and faculty links that get my questions answered right away, to help students connect.
SCC: You have it all.
ST: Info about the college’s culinary programs, how to access the café and bakery, other info related to the food service industry.
LH:  I found most of what I expected - what I did not find was a list of what classes to take for each certificate and what order to take them in. I also did not see all the class listed in the syllabi section since I assume more than 4 classes are needed to complete the 3 certificates. Finally it is a bit confusing that the program is named culinary arts and the first certificate also has that name, when I saw the page listed culinary arts classes I was not sure if they were the classes for one certificate or for all 3.

6 - Did you find the navigation easy to use?
SBM: Yes, though the fly out menu is a little flighty, sensitive to the touch, requires me to more tightly navigate, which isn't as easy.
SCC: I am having problem to navigate through the left navigation fly out menu. I've to pay extra attention on how I move the pointer. If I move it in an angle, I missed the menu that I want to go to.
ST: Yes
LH:  Yes

7 - Where is the SRJC cafe and bakery located?
SBM: Easy to find when I clicked on "Cafe & Bakery," although I would highlight the location in the text in some way so it stands out or place the location at the bottom of the page centered so the eye captures the information quickly.
SCC: 458 N Street, SR (I first click on Contact Us, and I thought it will be the address of the Cafe. Then I realize it is not what I want.)
ST: 458 B. Street, Santa Rosa.
LH: Located at the Brickyard Center (458 B Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401) in downtown Santa Rosa

8 - Did you find the calendar and was it easy to read?
SBM: Easy to find, nice photo, clear calendar, looks nice. Numbers and letters somewhat small for reading; the pop up windows are a little testy, difficult to retrace to initial window.
SCC: The text size is a little bit small. The gray border plus the underline text links are somewhat distracting. When I click on the events, I ended up with too many pop up windows, and I have a hard time finding my original window.
ST: Yes
LH: Since there were no events listed for May it was not crystal clear what to do. I clicked on a random date and loaded a very nice page, which could have displayed events. Once items are added I think the calendar will be very easy to use.

9 - Did you find the online form and was it easy to use?
SBM: Found it under the "Contact Us" page. Navigated OK. Nice idea to give so many contact options to users. Welcoming and flexible.
SCC: I accidentally found it, which I thought it is the address/contact info for the cafe. If I were looking for a form specifically, I won't think of clicking on Contact Us.
ST: Yes
LH: I went to contact us and did find a form.

10 - Where would you find a recipe for a chicken entree?
SBM: First I tried "Resources;" then "Home Cooking." Finally found menus under "Cafe & Bakery." I finally looked again on the drop down menu under "Cafe & Bakery" and there the "Recipes" were.
SCC: Recipes
ST: Café and Bakery--Recipes
LH: I found it in cafe and bakery but my first instinct was to look in home cooking and resources.

11 - What did you like best about this site?
SBM: Clearly, there is much thought in this site to ensure that it is responsive to diverse user constituencies. I think that is very customer service oriented. This, combined with a thoughtful design presentation that reflects the grace, color, outcomes of the culinary world, has been achieved: there's a refined yet not exclusive presentation that synthesizes instruction and enjoyment! Very subtle, well intentioned, and great results.
SCC: The overall look and feel, and the color scheme
ST: Photos, organization, navigation
LH: The warm glowing colors, attractive photos, well-written information and fast loading pages

12 - What suggestions for improvement do you have?
SBM: I would consider expanding the "Success Stories" to not only include testimonials from prospective employers of SRJC students, but photos and testimonials of students who have successfully completed different certificates and levels of the programs: since they are now in the workplace practicing the skills they learned at SRJC, who can better reflect the value of their training. Maintain the open space by not having too much text; this is nice, makes navigating and collecting information very fluid for users.
SCC: I suggest aligning the images on the bottom left, right below the side navigation, always sitting at the bottom of the page. It will make the page layout looks more balance.
ST: (hardcopy edits provided)
LH: See answers above

13 - Did you find or learn something that you might not have expected at this site?
SBM: Didn't know about the food and wine Fridays, more about the number of faculty involved in instruction, and the extent of the recipes offered.
ST: (no response)
LH:  I learned about the certificate programs.

14 - Did the web site load quickly?
SBM: Yes, very well.
SCC: Fairly quick except the calendar page.
ST: Yes
LH: Yes

15 - Did you feel the site was informative?
SBM: Yes, I think it wasn't overly written, but gave solid information about the program and resources. Could use a little more descriptive pitch about the strengths and benefits of the program; there are some significant selling points that could be added to the welcome page that are very appealing.
SCC: Yes
ST: Yes
LH: Yes

16 - Did you feel the pages were organized in a logical manner?
SBM: Yes, I think the ease and flow of the site is a real strength.
SCC: Yes
ST: Yes
LH: kinda - with the exception of the items listed above.

17 - Did the website keep your interest?
SBM: The Web site is very interesting, colorful, refined, and not overwhelming, so the user navigates easily because there's a sense of enticement because of the understatement of colors, photos, and text. Very interesting!
SCC: Yes
ST: Yes
LH: Yes

18 - Additional Comments:
SBM: The site really reflects the team of instructors, the student team, Web designer who provided the image, and others in PR and the occupational leadership who worked together to ensure a quality site. The overlay of the new SRJC Web design with the Culinary site successfully combines elements, no matter how divergent they may have seemed initially. The cohesive result = the proof is in the pudding.  I think Culinary's site is an excellent demonstration of a successful collaboration among numerous individuals who have been key to its final outcome. All involved should celebrate and be proud to share this success, for a job well done!
SCC: (no response)
ST: (no response)
LH: Thanks to all for your hard work

Platform Responses

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