Different Types of Embroidery

Cross Stitch

The basic stitch used in cross stitch looks like an X on the fabric. There are other stitches that are associated with cross stitch such as Long Arm Stitch (Looks like an elongated X on the bottom), Double Cross (A cross with a plus), Herringbone, and many more. You would use decorative stitches such as backstitch, French knots, lazy daisy, and satin stitches to finish the design.


The most common stitches in Needlepoint are in the Tent stitch category; these are the Basketweave, and the Continental stitches. There are also regional stitches. As with cross stitch decorative stitches are added to enhance the final design.


Crewel, in contrast to cross stitch and needlepoint, is worked on the surface of the fabric and the stitches are not laid out in a grid. There are a lot of stitches used in one design; the most common are Stem, Chain, Satin, and Couched stitches. The variety of stitches makes Crewel challenging and a good way to learn new stitches.

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